I'm starting a band soon which is influenced by Thin Lizzy, and bands like that.

So far I've got me, my friend on guitar and a girl singer.

I was just wondering if you guys think that Thin Lizzy style songs would sound good with a female singer?

Thanks, Ollie

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It depends on what her voice sounds like, ya know?
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Dont make your singer sound like Thin Lizzy.
Make your sound sound like your singer's voice.
Make your sound sound like your singer's voice.

Best advice I've heard on the subject. Too many people try to sound like someone else's playing, or singing, or whatever. Strive to create your own sound, blending together the unique elements of your band - as individuals, and as a group - to do something new and original, even with cover tunes.

Just have her sing and if it sounds good then use her until you can write originals
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