hey everyone whats up?
my name is keegan i play guitar and sing in a band called use as directed. were all 15 and our debut EP is coming out september 21st. on our myspace there are two songs off it, as well new songs coming realllllll soon. give em a listen!

you might really like it if you like cartel and all time low. but take what you want from it.

i really hate bands such as the ones you listen, and i have no idea why but i like your band. the vocals are pretty good and i love the keyboard thrown in there.
I do like it... but I was hoping for stronger vocals. Maybe they're mixed a bit quiet... but I don't know. I like 'I Push You Move' the most.
You guys are really good at the music you play, but I personally am not of fan of that music. You guys really sound like Cartel, infact I don't know if I could tell you two apart.
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Sounds pretty good. Vocals need to be brought up in the mix and/or sung more powerfully, though. You're not doing anything new or innovative, just another pop-punk/pop-rock band, really, but it's pretty decent stuff.
hey thanks alot guys
the songs that are up dont quite do the justice the EP has to offer so wait till we post those!

thanks alot though dudes.
thankss dude. the EP is gonna be on itunes so you can pick it up there. peace!