im buyin a Dean ML noir XT and people hav told me that when i get it i should install dimebucker pickups. how do i install different pickups??? also if anyone has reccomendations for cheaper guitars similar to a Dean ML, drop em by. thankzz
NO!! Not the Dimebucker. Its a really crappy pickup with Dime's name on it. Not worth the switch, seriously.
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No!! Stop Now, Plugging More Than One Pedal In At A Time Could Be A Disaster.... Your Guitar Will Explode And Kill Your Band.

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NO!! Not the Dimebucker. Its a really crappy pickup with Dime's name on it. Not worth the switch, seriously.

+1 If you ask me all of dime's stuff is pretty mediocre. Its all extremely high gain with just that fuzzyness to it. If you want a heavy metal distortion that bad then just get a duncan Sh-6 or even an EMG 81. Nething is better then the dimebucker. I personally hated it.
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get a duncan jB or a dimarzio breed. yummy.

+1 THATS 2 IN ONE NITE ON TEH SAME THREAD! Okay this guy has an amazing idea too because I forgot about the JB. That thing is amazing as a bridge pickup. Idk if it can be a neck pickup.
if you're going for a Dimebag sound (or a metal sound) nothing can beat Bill Lawrence for the value.
a guy told me that the tremolo bar was called the "distortionator"
dimarzio evo's would be a good choice as well.
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Agreed. There's no point in doing anything if she looks like shit.
Take it to a guitar tech if you're not sure how to replace them.
yea like everyone says... but basically...

You remove your strings
Remove the pickup ring
Remove the pickup and springs for raising and lowering
replace it with the new pickups
solder them to whichever place you are going...dont forget the ground wires
But after I get the pickups installed I like to put the strings back on before I solder, so I dont have to worry about the neck warping....

But if your not comfortable doing that then take it to the tech...but if you can solder you can prob do it yourself...its cheaper and saves you a trip to the store...but obviously dont do it unless you know what your doing
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