Basically, my mother and brothers went on holiday for 4 weeks last friday, leaving me and my father at home. He was going to go out in 2 weeks, for 2 weeks, and I was going to stay at home.

However, weve gotten into a huge argument. Im not speaking to him, and since monday, he has been kicking me out of the house when he goes to work (at 6.15 am), and I can go back in when he gets home (at 6 pm). This isnt a problem for me, as Im able to get into the house anyways, and for the most part Im out of the house anyways.

However, Im supposed to do work experience on the week of the 6th, I think it is. Our argument has progressed futher, and now, Im not allowed to be in the house on my own while hes gone, so I either have to go on holiday with them to spain, or figure out somewhere to stay while their gone.

Going to spain is out of the question. Im not spending 2 weeks with that bastard. So I have to sort out where to stay. My uncle, which is where I would normaly go, is away at that time. That I know of, there are no youth hostels around, either. What kind of options do I have? I dont think Im able to stay at any of my mates houses, either.
Have a new house key cut without your dad knowing, and just stay at home.
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um, tell him you're staying at a friends. then when he leaves, sneak back in. live it up for 2 weeks. then make it look like you werent there when he gets back.
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what are you a teenage drama queen
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what are you a teenage drama queen

What are you talking about?

And I was planning on having a spare key cut anyway, maybe stay in a B&B for the first night he goes, then go home
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What are you talking about?

And I was planning on having a spare key cut anyway, maybe stay in a B&B for the first night he goes, then go home

Just do that, sounds like a good idea to me.
go to antarctica
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i say go with your idea, except instead of making it look like you weren't there, trash the place and make sure he knows you were there. sweet revenge my friend

but then you're screwed out of a place to live and will probably end up living on the streets selling yourself to old men in raincoats for a sleazy bit of money, but at least you got back at your dad
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