Hey all, Im going to get myself a digital multi-track recorder pretty soon, been using a loop station pedal but now ive gotten better and really want to start making/recording music with pretty much pro sound quality.. (or as close to as pos!)..

I have about 300pounds MAX to spend.. I would like features such as 8-tracks a good drum machine jobbie and effects ect (basically everything I can get for my money lol).. it does not need to have a CD burner however as I will hook up to my laptop to burn..

So if you guys can recomend anything, cheers!.. chris
cheap and Decent are not the best of friends but for a fair product at lower prices look into Frostex recorders
you wont get much quality for that price though....youll need to double your money for something a little closer
really? what about all the tascam, boss ect digital multi-trackers at the moment I get idea's record them down and have to layer the recordings on top of eachother and it sounds awful! and there's no mixing/settting levels ect.. I just want sumthing that will do my music okay instead of making it sound crap lol... I guess I wasnt expecting to have to part with 600 for that lol!
oops, i though you were talking USD when reading that first post,.
sorry, so 300 pounds comes to around $600 USD so with that price you can easily get a new Fostex MR16HD/CD

it's a great unit and has the built in CD drive


The high end Frostex recorders are good, I wish I could say the same about their low end units like the MR-8...
Ah! nice one lol.. got a bit scared there! will check them dude cheers..
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Ah! nice one lol.. got a bit scared there! will check them dude cheers..

also for a mic, (if you dont want to go with a Condenser) go with a Shure SM57. At Tweaks board they all suggest the SM57 for studio use even when doing vocals and the SM58 for stage use.

youll want a good tube preamp though and so I suggest the 3d Studio Projects VTB-1. Its a great unit for the money.


3d Studio Projects VTB-1:
Cheers dude, yeh ive been told by a fair few ppl that the sm-57 is the way i guess its like the industry standard.. as for the pre-amp I hadn't planned on that, can I not record the tracks strait from my amp via mic to the recorder?
well that MTR has some preamps built in so you could run though that but personally I like the sound of that tube based unit. It's a little warmer.

on the other hand, i have never tried that MTR in person.
I say go for a computer multitrack recording software...reason why is because its so easy to edit your songs...you can get that riff perfect and the put it anywhere in the song you want by copy and pasting...you can double tracks with one click...add effects,reverb,compression,EQ and the list goes on...i bought a Korg real multitrack however after 1 month i went and bought a computer multitrack software because its better to use if your recording at home...I say save your money and buy software instead.

Mixcraft 3 doesnt support midi yet however the next version 4.0 should however I use mixcraft and I think its a good software program

Just google mixcraft 3...its free to try and under $50 to buy and it comes with real live drum loops...not a machine.
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