I was turning my tone knob on my electric, and all of the sudden it had come loose inside. The electrical thing inside isn't attached to the wood anymore, so the knob turns WAY too far both ways. I'm sure it's easy to fix, but i'd like to know how.

If you can help, thanks.
Just open up the back, hold the pot from the inside, and tighten up that nut on top. Not too hard, no electrical mucking about.
He's talking about the little flat hexogonal nut on top of the pick guard and right under the knob. If you have one of those little cheapie flat wrenches you might be able to slide it under the knob (don't scratch your guitar,) otherwise remove the knob. Its easy.
u open the back of the guitar, there is a plastic cover.

then, on the front of the guitar, u pull off the plastic knob and reveal the base of the pot stem, And that nut.

one hand hold the back of the pot in the back cavity. while the other hand tightens the nut.
u'll want to hold the back so u dont spin the pot and rip off the wires.

push the knob back on and ur done.

top, pot stem when the plastic knob fits over...

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