ive got a Valveking 212, and my new co-guitarist has a ****ty practice amp. we need an amp for under $400. Solid Sate(as long as its good), Hybrid, or Tube, i dont care as long as it sounds good. We play Metalcore/Screamo/Metal and i have a distortion pedal just in case. . .
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How about trying a Crate Palomino series. All are good. 15w tube amps are around $350 i think. try those first. otherwise, try to go w/ another Valveking.
I was impressed by laneys TF800 head, the lower series are combos eg TF200, TF300, etc.
also perhaps a Marshall Valvestate 5050, their both discontinued but, fairly cheap amps which should give you what you want.
everyone needs to just face it, the words "loud" "sounds good" and "under $400" does not exist. The only amps I can think of are Roland Cubes, Vox ADs, and a Fender Blues Junior and all those arent loud enough to compete with a 40 watt tube amp.
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Look used!

Someone's gotta have a Peavey Classic 30 or 50 for sale for under $400. Craig's List by me has a Crate V32 for $275. There's deals to be had.
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Might be worth while checking out a B52 amplfier. I got mine for $400 at guitar center. The list price is higher, guitar center is always negotionable. If the valveking is the introduction to tube amps, B-52 is the introduction to high gain tube amps.
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If you like your VK why not test drive the 112 combo? $429 list.
Check out windsor combo when comes out, or used stack.
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How about a used peavey 5150? It'll probably be $100-$150 above your current price range, but if you're going to spend that much money, why not get something you won't want to upgrade six months down the road?
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Used 5150 if he can save up and you dont mind them blowing your tone away.

If not, Maybe a used B-52 AT112 combo, that might be hard to find though.

Windsor with a overdrive would also work, but forget about cleans matching the valve kings volume.