The intro riff is super sexy bro. I love the tone you have and the bass and drum are right there to support it and it keeps it moving.

The reverebed out chorus reinforces the mood of the song.
I like the humms, they add a nice layer to the song, but another option could be instead to play that with maybe a synth or a lead guitar?

The vocals after that fit in really well, there is room for improvement though, sometimes they are off , slightly flat. Also I found them to be a bit muddy and hard to hear at parts, but some better mixing will fix that. Other then that The lyrics were good though and his voice really match with the whole atmosphre i think.

The little break after 3:30, i like the idea of it and how it emerges into the next energetic part, maybe try equing it a little diff, maybe leaving a little more high end.

Also i dunno about running that phaser on the last vocal part, the song would song stronger clean.

LASTLY I have to say i love the little bass fill at the end of every 4 bars, though simple it really makes the part catchy!

Good job mate!
Mind critting my song? Thanks in advance:

Very nice sound, especially the guitar. The bass and drums fit in very nicely, laying down a solid groove. I think the vocals could use a little work. Sounds a little to deep and low. I can tell what kind of sound you were going for with the vocals, they just don't seem to fit with the music. I guess it's like the music is very light and airy and the vocals are a bit deep for it. Maybe something more like the hums. Other than that a very beautiful song, really enjoyed it.

Crit mine?
Thanks for the comments. I know the vocals are the weakest link.. I'm not much of a singer. I'll have to redo them one day. I'm really happy thats really the main complaint.. I was somewhat worried about how the rest of the song would be received.
really nice guitar. the cymbals are too loud. i like teh chord proggresion alot. lead is really good as well. the vocals are pretty good. very floydian. at the beggining of the huhs you're a bit off key. the vocals are definately acceptable, but could definately use some work as well. i really liked the guitar, but i wasn't crazy about the lyrics.

thanks for the crit.
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Hey, not sure what constructive criticism i can give that hasnt already been done,

The guitar is beautiful, really really gorgeous playing, the drums were good-suited the song and i like the hums, i liked the vocals-you;ve got a nice tone to your voice but i did think they were maybe a little low. I can hear from the hums that you can sing so perhaps a little higher would sound better. I also thought the intro was maybe a little too long, but thats just personal opinion. Good quality recording and a nice song

thanks for the crit on mine by the way.
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The fade in is a really nice touch, the clean guitar lick was very nice.
The intro little solo was amazing. I really liked the intro vocals the Ahs, the verses were kinda off, no offence, they were nice but they didn't kinda fit.
Overall, this was a preety kick ass song, good job mate. !
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Nice intro, solid playing, good drums (with lotsa reverb on the snare drum hehe). I like how you doubletracked it (I hope I heard that right).

The "aaaah, aaaah" vocals in the beginning really fit the song and give it a cool vibe. You have a good voice, I enjoyed listening to it. The drums, however, are getting a bit on my nerves right now. The hi-hat has always the same volume and is panned hard left. You might want to vary the velocity of that hihat a fair bit to make the drumtrack come to life!

Now, the "dark part" has kicked in. I kinda like it, only the ending is a bit abrupt.

The distorted guitar riff (right before the vox w/ effect) is really kickass!

Overall, good song, nice songwriting, good playing and awesome production, except the drums. These are lacking. Varying velocity or another sequencer can easily change this though. Nice job!!

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I liked the intro guitar part. Very good clean tone. The humming part in the beginning was pretty good and suited the ambience of the music very well. With a little bit of work you could make the vocals in the verses sound a lot better. I see where it's going and I see it has a lot of potential once you can get the vocals in the verses a little more on. The ambience of the whole song overall is very good and all the parts fit together and flow together very well.

I liked the distorted bridge part alot. The tones of all the instruments and synths are good and work together. I think the only thing you need to do is work on getting the vocals a little cleaner. You I could see it being pretty good with you singing a little lower in the verses, ya know? And then singing at the same tone you were in the chorus parts. But I dunno. It's your song and you do what you want with it though.

Overall good stuff.
dang sweet, epic intro, i loved it, the vocals really did well. is that beatcraft drums ? :-D good call. thats a very nice clean riff, the tone wasnt great for me, i felt it could be better. i loved how u went back to the oooohs, adds a very nice feel. the dynamic break after was good, i was expecting maybe a soft chorus, but it went back to a loud dynamic which was good, just not what i wanted to hear :-[. good fade out, i felt there shoulda been something more after the little drum break thing.
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

Definitely dig this a lot. One of the better pieces I've heard from a UG member. Proud. Ooooooh, ohhhhhhh.
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Wow.. thats cool. Not to be a suck up, but it really sounds like something you'd hear straight off a CD. The mixing is pretty well done. The vocals completely compliment the music you're playing. The bass is well done, although i think it could be turned down a very small bit. Maybe make the drums a little bit louder? It might just be my speakers too. I like how the vocals arnt all just words. Drums were really well put together.. nice little fills here and there, and a good solid overall beat that forms a good rhythm wall along with that bass.

The lead is awesome, and i love how at certain points its not just a rhythm and vocals or rhythm and lead, but you pick the rhythm part seperately to give it that more eerie feeling.
Overall sweet job dude, i thoroughly enjoyed that one..

Care to crit mine?

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thanks for the crit on my piece, i'll write as i listen to this one

the intro sounds really great. very mellow and interesting. the recording is magnificent, what is your set up? did you record these drums or are they software?

you said the vocals were the weakest link... hmm... they're coming in right now and they don't seem to be too bad, at least not these background vocals. you ARE on key and they do add to the song.

i think what can improve the main vocals though is over dubbing them. just sing the same exact thing and put the two tracks separate, maybe add a little reverb to one to bury it and make it blend with the track, but keep the other one to make it stand out and be clear.

i really don't think you're a bad singer though, you should give yourself some more credit

its a good tune and i can hear that you put a lot of work into it. i assume you recorded with your band, Constellations. you guys sound pretty good together... you make a very chill and an almost retrospective sound.

good song and this probably has one of the best recording qualities that has been put on the board, so great job
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Wow, thanks a lot guys. I'm really thrilled to here so many people like the song. I think one day I'll redo the vocals..

My set up is pretty simple actually. I play my ESP EC-1000 and use the line out from my amp (Spider II 210) into my sound card. Its an on-board sound card which means its actually part of the motherboard of the computer. Its called Nvidia nForce Audio. I also use the line out from my keyboard (Casio WK-3000) which is only a $300 keyboard but it has done me wonders. The bass is actually me playing the keyboard and I do a little mastering in Audition, but shhhh on that The drums are done by Acoustica Beatcraft.. I used to use Fruity Loops but now I'm using beatcraft.. I'm still learning it but I think its better. I have a $30 no-name mic that I bought from radioshack that I got ridiculously lucky on.. it also has done wonders for what I paid for it. The only things I mic are vocals and acoustic guitar. Sometimes I might use the line out on my acoustic but I really like the sound and texture of a mic'ed acoustic so I stick to that. I use Adobe Audition to record all of this and master.

Also for Grunge, I'm actually a one man band at this point. Most of the other songs on my Dmusic are from a little over two years ago. Thank you a lot though on your comment about the band. I am actually going to change my band name from Constellations to something else. I'm either thinking about Sleeper Ship or Sleeper Science... kind of a side track from the thread but what would anyone think about those names?

Thanks again for all of your generous comments
That is a very nice song you have there. The vocals are the weakest part, but they only stick out because the rest of the song is so nicely done. The clean tone is excellent, the distorted tone is quite good, but it's a bit too much gain for my tastes. People should listen to this before they flame spiders

About the name, I like Sleeper Ship better, because it's cooler

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That was really, really quite cool! The intro was amazing and the guitar sounded really good throughout. Like everyone else I think the vox were a little off at times, but they suit the feel of the song, and I think if you re-did them and ironed out the little errors it would sound even better! The only other little niggle was when the drum sound changed at 03:31. The build up was really well done, but I feel that when the vocals started again, the distorted guitars should have been a lot more prominent in the mix. That part was a little bit of an anti-climax, because it lacked the 'oomph' that I was expecting.

That aside, ****ing well done, a really good song!

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Great sounding guitar. The tone and riffs are awesome. I would suggest turning the drums down some; they're overpowering in some places. That underwater-sounding bit starting at about 3:30 was pretty cool.

I think it would sound better if you added a nice, melodic guitar solo throughout the fadeout. The vocals were definitely the weakest part of the song, but if you're like me, there's not much you can do about that.

Nice job.
this is awesome. i loved the guitar work, and the drums went with it perfectly. the leads were awesome. and when the synths came in made it sound very epic. your vocals r ok, dont be afraid to really let it out tho. i loved it when u harmonized. this song is awesome, very epic. keep it up. crit mine, link is in my sig under recordings
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