What would be a good tube amp (under 8 or 9 hundred bucks) that would cover stuff ranging from The Fall of Troy to Circa Survive to Satch to Muse to Dillenger Escape Plan to Mastodon to Death? I've been looking at the Peavey 5150 and the Marshall JCM900, but i'd like some more recommendations.
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JSX's on the bay go for like 600, and i love the hell outta them, so they're also an option.

So far it's the 5150, JSX and JCM900. any other suggestions?
I've played both the XXX and JSX, and love them both. I've played the combo JSX, and love it (plus the master volume thing on it), but i haven't played the XXX combo. A few people on here say it doesn't compare to the head version, so i was a little concerned.
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eBay 5150. $500? grab it.

thats the usual for a 5150 on ebay. the thing i dont like about the xxx is the cleans, they really suck on it. i dont know anything about the jsx.
The B-52 AT-212 Are very nice a super versatile! i just got one a few days ago and love it so far good cleans and can get a very heavy with the gain! and i heard once you retube it, it becomes a whole new amp! check em out i got mine for $400!
Mesa Express! I love these amps extremely versatile but you might need a pedal to get the distortion you want
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