OK well i was just wondering how much you would buy this guitar for just becuase the tech specialist wasnt sure of the price so ill post some pics and give you some details and you tell me what you would buy it for.

oh and if your interested in buying it let me know

it is a Schecter Strategy unsure of the year but probably early 90's since they were a parts company before that.

Grover tuners
Floyd rose bridge and locking nut
HSS pick up set up 3 switch selectors
1 volume knob
1 tone knob
Color is metalic orange
Brand New Input
what kind of flyod rose is it licensed or original?
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Is it one of those custom shop models Schecter produced before they started producing them overseas?
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um how do i tell what type of rose it is and it has a serial # on the back so i am guessing it is after they were bought out and started producing.
wikipedia said it would say lisensed under floyd rose patent mine says MFG. Floyd Rose Patent so...but it has fine tuners and wiki also says originals did not have fine tuners.. I think it is the Floyd Rose Pro which is a modification of the floyd rose original ( i came to this conclusion becuase the fine tuners are angled like on the pron and the trem is closer down or whatever)
maybe worth about $250-$500 maybe, I really don't know, it's a sharp looking guitar though
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wtf man why did you bring this thread back i posted it forever ago... BUT STILL IF ANYONE WANTS IT I AM STILL SELLING IT!!!! or else ill be selling it at a store in like a month. and it came with the guitar.