So i got my early 80's starforce super strat today. its in decent shape, bought it used off ebay. the guitar weighs about 10 pounds, its heavy heavy heavy. i cannot tell what type of wood it is, i know its not plywood. at first i thought it was becuase it looked like it was in layers, but then i looked closer and it was just groves in the wood. its a light colored wood with dark veins/groves throughout. if anyone knows please enlighten me.

Its a very bright guitar, the highs really stick out more than the lows, everything is original so the pickups are screaming high but they just sound cheap and flat. the body is excellent, there is a 5 way pickup switch, and another 2 way switch that i honestly have no idea what it does. two tone knobs, one volume.

Its got a tremolo system i have never seen before, its like a strat tremolo but it has fine tuners and it appears to be a floating bridge.

the neck plays incredibly smooth but there is some very lame fret buzz due to one or two uneven higher frets, my sandpaper will make short work of that though. ill post pics when it is all done.
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