im looking for a GOOD acoustic-electric guitar in the $300-$400 range? any suggestions???
I dunno how much it is to fit a pick-up on after you buy it, but if its cheaper...idk.

Lol, mine is like $2500 dollars, dont ask me!

Seriously though my brother has a Takamine Acoustic/electric and it sounded really good, i forgot how much he said it was but i wanna say 3-400...
Try A Lower Priced Ovation. I Love Mine, But Mine Is $800.
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I'm gonna get an Ibanez Brown Burst once I have the doe, it's a very rad guitar in my opinion.
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I'd go with this guy, personally:


I think it sounds better unplugged than the other guitars with similar features in its price range, and I think the pickups in these guitars are head and shoulders above any other in the same price range.

Another option that lots of people really like, although I think it is far inferior in sound quality to the Takamine above, is:


These two guitars by Alvarez are pretty good choices as well:


That second Alvarez is my second favorite guitar that fits your needs. I think it's a really great guitar, but I think the Takamine sounds better plugged in. Unplugged, I think they both sound great for the price.

The more acoustic-electrics I play for around $300-$400, the more convinced I am that the Takamine EG340SC is the best one out there.
Ill second jimtaka here.
Either the Takamine he suggested or the Alvarez AD60SC