Does anyone know where I can find the Guitar Tab to their rendition of the Simpsons theme?

It sounds like a lot of fun.
Don't know but you should try the simpsons theme performed by Sonic Youth! I'm not a greenday's fan...
I was not aware of that. I'm not a huge Green Day fan but their Simpsons theme is pretty cool have you heard it?
Danny Elfman > Green Day

And I'm not sure why they brought in Hans Zimmer instead of Elfman.
It sounds pretty damn simple. Work out all the power chords, and pretty much the same one or two melodies are repeated for two minutes. Green Day took out a lot of the subtle musical complexities of the original, so it shouldn't be too hard to ear it.

Alternatively, there's a great tab of the original on UG. Just take that, simplify it by taking out all the fast parts, and you'll basically have the lead.
isn't there already a accepted tab right here on ug
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Just find a Simpsons tab, from what i heard they have not really reworked it or anything. Prrety much the same as the Sonic Youth cover.
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yes bit I'm extremely musically retarded...I just play stuff and that's it...besides...Green Day are cool I want to be cool like them by playing THEIR version of it exactly cuz I'm a wannabe