Fires Ablazin' and Moons Arockin'
All set aside, from the real tango

The people in the streets dance
dance their gullible envious swing

You clad in the colours of God
With pans flute to rally the forces

The music goes, it flows and bends
And you are the maestro to which it complies

So the few that wish to
dance beside you

Listen to the piper
oh so intently

The earth and the dirt
shake from the symphony

arising to meet with you
to once again jump with the living

You direct it all, you say when and where it will go
And some

Some wish for it to rave on
The ecstasy raging through their blood

Disoriented and thinking compromised
You find the being

The being in which it all went awry
the existence that will cut you in two

So dance along
dance along to your beats and your livelihood

As in all great things
must come to the end

and you must let the hammer fall
when you believe the time is nigh

you hold the flute, my friend
you choose the tune for all to hear