Ok guys, I know I'm probably getting annoying with my requests for guitar advice, but I just want to make sure i get my bases covered before i take the leap. At this point, I have decided to get either the Epiphone G-400 or the Epiphone Les Paul. I've tried them both and they both have their strong and weak points, its about even for me at this point. Just wondering what you guys would choose in my position?

PS: I swear this is the last time I'll bug you guys about it
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well which ones cons outweigh the other ones cons? I'd take the les paul, because you get the classic sound, more sustain, and a thicker, more creamy sound.
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im a les paul man myself, but my buddy LOVES his elitist SG, i must say it does feel ALOT lighter than my les paul lol but its got such a brighter tone, i prefer the heavier les paul tone
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It really depends which one you put in my hands. I have played hideous paul necks, and hideous G-400 necks. With epiphones it is a swing or a miss.
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