This is a song that our dear friend and fellow bandmate Necrolust made, it was originally called Ressurrection of Evil but I think it was taken or something, Myspace didn't let me upload it like that.

Anyways, you can find it at www.myspace.com/thedelugeofdjinn

Its a creepy, atmospheric instrumental that will be on an exclusive CD we will hand out at shows.

Crit for crit!
well you definitely got the creepy part down

it was very simple sounding which at times made it a little boring... not something i'd plan on listening to again

i would make it longer and maybe add another instrument or something...something to make it more complex

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The piano almost reminds of that one horror movie, can't think of it at the time. But ya very creepy. I like the strings in it, adds a lot to the effect, and same with the low and simple bass lines in the piano. I can imagine this leading into a very heavy song, like have it end and then a quick pause, and then a loud, heavily distorted, chugging, palm-muted guitar with a rumbling bass and the drums doing something heavy, not blast beats, but something complimentary to the guitar. I don't know, just an idea. Very cool though, I liked it.

Crit mine?