Hey guys,

Exactly what the title says.

I think I have one (I'm too lazy to check), but what exactly do they do?
Why would one use it?


Please, as much detial in your answers as possible.

Cheers -
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Umm, I've never used an amp with one, but basically it puts any pedals and stuff after your amp's tone. If you went guitar -> pedals -> amp, it would sound like crap if you were playing with let's say distortion and a reverb pedal, because your amp would distort the reverb....ness. So instead you would want to put the reverb in the effects loop so that it comes after your amp's distortion.

That's pretty much the easiest way to think of it.
wow that was the most confusing thing iv ever heard, i dont really know what FX Loop does either
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its for you to put effects in between the preamp and power amp. IMO effects loops aren't really that useful (at least for me), because even if i put a reverb or delay in my loop, the power amp stage still provides clipping so you still get the reverb before distortion. and guys like clapton and page never used them and sounded pretty damn fine.
^ Clapton and Page and other guys of that era didn't use many modulation effects, which sound better in the effects loop. Also sometimes certain pedals just sound better in the effects loop, like my OD pedal, although I suspect that has more to do with the fact that the amp is 12 years old and has the factory pre-amp tubes...
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Modulated effects (chorus, flanger, phaser e.t.c) sound better in there- I also find that and EQ pedal is more prominent in the FX loop
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When u connect a pedal or series like this : Guitar------->pedal----->amp, the pedal stuffs up ur tone even when its off (unless it has true bypass). By using an effects loop it bypasses the pedal when it is not in use so it doesnt stuff up ur tone.
(i think im right, but im a total effects noob)