I didnt know where else for this to go, so here.

I have played guitar for about a year now, and I wanted to start drums as well. I don't know anything really about what to buy, so I looked for second hand ones on craigslist. I found this one


I was wondering what you guys thought of it? Decent Kit? Fair Price? etc, thanks.
I play drums.

I've never heard of that brand before, but the snare has 8 lugs, and the kick drum has 10 which indicates a higher level of quality than most kits you'll find for 300 bucks. I say go for it.

edit: also, all of the hardware is double braced which is a good thing.

It's not an extraordinary kit, but it'll suit your needs just fine
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I don't know much about drums myself, but my cousin's always talking about them cuz he's a drummer.

He'd probably say they're not that good. I've never heard of that brand. Make sure that u get a drum key, cymbal stands, and bass pedal. You'll also need a throne (seat), and of course, drumsticks. IDK....the drumset itself isn't something to go crazy over, but the cymbals and stands are kind of a good deal.
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