Is there anybody who plays these guitars. Looking at one to buy towards the end of the year and wondering what the general consensus is. They seem pretty decent value but im not sure whether to get the standard, washed, custom, maestro etc.
i hear they're good quality. The standards and the washed ones have the same specs but the maestro trem might be fun and set you apart, then again, it might just give u tuning problems. Also check out a brand called 'vintage'. They are manufactured by wilkinson and they are getting some really good reviews from guitar magazines. (they are a british brand but they sell em in australia so they probly sell em wherever u are)
They are excellent guitars. Well built, i was pleased with mine the way it is, no need for new pickups or anything. They are no different since they moved production to china, it just cut the price a lot. Mine cost me £350, its a korean made 2004 model, now they cost £199 in stores...
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