For all of you that like your music hard with some shred and some melodic catch stop by and check out my new song. Shadows of deceit. Let me know what you think. There is explicit material in this song so if your young enough to be sitting in your mothers living room its best you dont listen Thank you.


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i post it in two spots D*** because people dont check both sections i have noticed that i haev never gotten a message from the same person in either. Also i just put a new song up yesterday and yes i had a couple old post's up that i went back and answered but they were from weeks ago so it doesnt matter that i posted a new one for a new song. You need to lighten up and mind your own business. If you don't want to check out the tunes then dont click here. I see people do the same thing every time i come here so its not just me, you all attack me and i dont know why maybe your jealous i dont know, but take your anger to another forum and take it out on a rapper or something. I work hard on my music and want people to hear it, there is no problem wit that and if you have a problem with it then just dont click on my link. Thank you for listening and i hope to not see you post in my threads again.
I like the music. Very black metal influenced, which I like, yet still melodic in parts. The production on the vocals is also nice, and it gives them an evil feel, which is obviously what you guys are going for. Good job!
Hey thanks a lot man, I love some black metal but influenced in my writing im not sure much, the vocals are the closest i get but im glad you dig it man, you know i like your tunes to, the best i have heard on here keep up the good work bro. Talk to you another time.
The vocals are terrible, im sorry. It sounds so fake in relation to everything else in the song. One thing that stood out in this song for me was the drums....good job on hte drums...how were they recorded? Please be detailed as i really liked the sound of them. The guitar work was pretty good as well. Very nice solos.
Jealous of your ****ty black metal attempt vocals :P?

Yeah man, if we all minded our own business and didnt check your vast library of ****ing threads then no one would ever look at them. But yeah good plan nonetheless.

But yeah even after all this, i think the musics great without the singing.