don't wash your hair, tie your hair into dreads using bobbles or elastic bands to shape them, then you can take em out once your hair has taken the shape


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one of my friends had dreads, when she cut them off she decided to open one up to see what was inside. She found a dead ant a bunch of pins and a pen lid. After that she didn't want to look inside the rest.
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but seriously, i've heard that if you let your hair just grow naturally without cutting it or combing it, it'll dread.

i call bs, but still.
Go to wikihow, it should have some good instructions. And don't do it by not washing your hair , that's just gross.
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Just wondering but what's considered not washing your hair? What if you wash with water bun no shampoo because I've heard of people doing that.
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You have to be born with dreads to have them dumbasses.
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Go to a hairdresser and get them to do it for you. You want it to look professional if your going to have them for a while.
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Rub Icy Hot on it.

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you must climb to the top of the highest mountain and collect flower of the flower which grows there. only then will have dreads. /thread
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