Alright, well, I'm a beginner in comparison to most.

Just looking for some friendly critique here. Anything horribly wrong that need rectifying. A little guidance, whatever.

I know the


are, erm, poor. x)

so yeah, thanks for watching ...

Make sure you bend the string to the right note, a whole step up for all the bends. And yeah, the 16/17 bend there dones'nt seem right man. Try another tab. But if it is right then work that finger strength to bend it properly.

ALSO, try to add some vibrato to notes you want to accent and really try to play with feeling with every note. It makes a BIG difference and is what seperate noobs form pros.

But, you'll get there soon mate
Practice. F. tab and listen to the record. And as walidb123 mentioned vibrato is good :]
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Yeah, pretty decent but like walidb said, work on the bends. The 16/17 bend is played with your index on 16 and bend the 17 while hitting both strings. (i think anyway, not played it in a while). You should try bending with more than 1 finger to give you more strength and control over the string. FInally, adding vibrato really really helps........will make the notes sound better and make the solo smooth sounding. Keep it up tho, your doing good!
thanks a lot for the replies guys. i'll try to work on those bends ...

i'm trying to incorporate some vibrato, just got to keep it up to speed, soon i'm sure. x)

might not be an easy question to answer, but do you know any solos, or songs, or whatever of equivalent difficulty?

thanks again guys.
Pretty good. The 16/17 bend is actually a unison bend. It's played like this:


So you bend the lower note up to the pitch of the higher note. At the beginning of the solo you were bending with only your ring finger. Try fretting the note with your ring finger and placing your index and middle fingers behind it on the same string. Now bend with the other fingers supporting it.. See how it feels.
Listen to KirbyRockRoll he just said what I was about to say, that is what I play differnetly to you TS, put your 1st finger on the 14th b string and your 3rd finger, supported by second if needs, on the 16th g string then bend it up a whole tone till it is the same note, so this 3 x.

The guys are saying add some vibrato, they have a fair point I think vibrato works well to fatten a solo up but you are true to the original by not using alot, but bear in mind the last note you played where you did bend it for a bit of effect you actually ebnt it up from the not it should of been IMO.

However it was good, definitely not rubbisg by a long way, just needs polishing.

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