Just wondering if Sunn Mustang is an actuall real Fender guitar.
And how much are they worth about, in Pounds please.
I thing a friend of mine used to have one, and it was a pretty funky guitar. An ideal pawn shop guitar, no doubt.
Ok. It says 'An authorized fender(r) product' with the Fender Logo on it. its a pretty good guitar. Good beginners guitar. Need to sell because need to update my bass guitar.
ok apparently they are an offical fender guitar. Not being made anymore though. DOnt guote me on that, just what im being told.
Sunn, is a type of amp, origionally on the cheapside. Alot of stoner rock/ Doom bands swear by them, like Sunn o))) who obviously took there name from the amp.

Maybe its a colab between the two companies.
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I searched some stuff and found out that fender bought the company SUNN and produced under that name some guitars, I don't know the value of it in pods, nor I know how good they are in comparison to a real fender but I do know that they are no longer made since 1990 so they are quite rare I guess.

look at wikipedia, there isn't much written about it though

EDIT: they are also made in india
for all i know, Sunn is an old brand that makes guitars and amps.
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As far as I know, the Sunn Mustangs were produced in the late 80's/early 90's in India. They are a licensed Fender product, in the same vein of Squier. I hear they are ok if you get them pretty cheap and can be fun to mod.


Edit: In pounds, I'd say less than 130 quid is about right.
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