ive been looking for the rite amp for a long time and i finally found ones i like, and i cant decide which to get either the 212 valveking combo or the valveking halfstck both all-tube 100 watts, im not looking for opinions on the amps im looking for help deciding which one half stack or combo?

by the way im a little scarce in cash but im willing to save
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the VK's are pretty meh and you don't need a halfstack, so take the money you would spend on the halfstack and buy a better combo
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eek, i don't like either of those amps, personally. but especially in the case where you wanna save money, getting a tube combo is miles more practical than a half-stack.

what styles of music do you play? current amp? budget? band? gigs?
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I prefer head/cab combos generally. It makes it a lot easier to try different speakers, and use different designs like closed/open back, ported, etc.., which can change your overall sound a lot. I also like a head and 2x12 cab over a 2x12 combo for the portability too, it's a lot easier for me to carry the head and cab seperate, rather than all in one unit. Just preference really.

As far as the VK cab though, I would probably look at other alternatives. I've heard the head thru a good cab, and it sounded pretty decent. Thru a mediocre cab, it did not sound great at all. Cab/speakers are very important. I would go used with something like a Marshall 2x12 or something of similar quality.
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100W of tube is unnecessary and impractical. You'll never get the sweet spot on a 100W tube amp before going deaf, not that there's much of a sweet spot on the VK to begin with.

And you can do much better on the amp. Something in the 30-50W range is really all you need. Maybe less than that.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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i see you have a hellraiser, so i'm guessing you play metal. you sould go with the B-52 AT-112 60 Watt combo. better suited for metal than a VK. VK's dont have much character anyway.
60 Watts is also a lot. Read the incorporating info on amps and pickups sticky.
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It depends on five things. Do you prefer the sound of closed or open-backed cabs? How much bulk and weight are you willing to move? How much air do you need to move? Are you going to mic the amp? If unmic'd how much power do you need to cover the audience size you will be gigging for? My suggestion as a compromise would be: Get a 212 combo which will probably be 100 watts (do you need this much power?) It will cover a fairly large area and still be reasonably portable. The open-backed cabs sound fine to me. If you are going to be gigging at high volumes you may want to upgrade the speakers in the VK but otherwise its a good sounding amp.