I've heard several people on here say the software you use really doesn't matter but I'm going to ask anyway. I currently use Cubase LE but have access to a version of Cakewalk Sonar. Would there be any advantages to use the Cakewalk over Cubase?
I don't know much about Sonar or Cubase. I use Live with Reason, and I feel it's a really nice setup and have no want to change until I want really, really top of the line stuff (i.e. ProTools HD setup). See, I'm used to the programs and don't really feel that taking the time to learn a new one is worth it, when I can do everything I want to right now with what I have. I would advise the same to you unless there are large differences between the programs, and I really doubt there are.
It's personal preference. I personally use Sonar, and thats just because I am most comfortable with it and know how to use it. I have used several others (Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic) and I see no reason to switch. You should be able to achieve the exact same thing in each sequencer, so just use what you are comfortable with. Perhaps upgrading your cubase would be more beneficial.
Just try the two out for a bit and see which YOU like better - there is no objective "better" in this case.
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