i've been working at kinnet drugs for a while now as a cashier and i had an idea for a non-fiction comedy book. i bought a note book and everytime i have a wierd customer experience i have been writing it down. my first entry involes a woman who gave exact change and it included a toy plastic penny which i didn't notice until she left. i want to call the book "NOT LEGAL TENDER! a diary of a cashier"

has something similar been done and could anyone give me tips on turning myentries into a coherent and entertaining book

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well it might not be a short story but how are u going to write a whole novel about that ???????? but i would read it
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I think it could work. You'd have to slip in other random stuff in there too. It cant just be your interactions one after another....well it could be. but you know. Maybe random insights as to how a Diner is its own little replica of the world or something like that? Make up a theory. haha.

go for it.
Sounds interesting, perhaps you could include other stuff as well like your interactions with weird cashiers or something? Just to expand on your idea?