i came out with this riff and i need to write it on guitar pro but i just dont get it!

can you tab this for me in the same gp file? thank you! ill incluide the text tab to make it easier

i cant the recordings here. if you are willing, to post here and ill email you with the files.

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do you understand time? as in like note length. cause if not your ****ed. also you cant get rythm from a text tab, which means we would need a recording along with the tab to help you. if u send me what youve got i can see what i can do about it i guess
how do you guys do power tabs so quick and easily? i'm slamming my head on the keyboard right now..
Its like i'm trying to make a note bend so i put 11 and bend to the 13th and it still plays the note of 11!
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I'll do it for ya =]
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Its fun

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