Possibly finished, I'm considering adding one more verse to it though. For those of you seeing earlier versions of this song, you can search this forum with 'december' as the key word. There should be two threads just a few down on the first page. I'd provide links but I don't know how on this computer lol. Any thoughts, comments, opinions on this piece would be greatly appreciated, crit for crit. Thanks in advance

December Twenty-Five

Let’s steal a spaceship
Bring to life the vision I had in an acid trip
C’mon my love, we can go fly with the stars.

Kiss me now, constellation
Let’s go join heaven’s celebration
We can waste hours together in the heart of Mars.

Where is the Moon hiding tonight?
Could it no longer endure raw sunlight?
A bit of wine, my friend, will ease the burning of your scars.

Don’t let the black hole crash the party…
No, don’t leave me now, love
Let that hungry bastard swallow the Moon and the stars
Let it eat the heart of Mars
Just, please, don’t leave me…

Four-days early fireworks
Set the ground for the coming New Year’s birth
And no longer blind, I can see she was never gonna be my bride.

Never really stole that spaceship
And I know that the Christmas stars were just another acid trip
‘Cause I wasn’t alive on December twenty-five.

December twenty-five…
Why did you pass me by?
You could’ve stopped life from sucking me dry
If you tried.
Sleep well beneath the snow
December twenty-five
And I’ll dream on how everything’s a little better than it seems.

To kill a man slowly for waking too late to see
Two lovers sitting by ten thousand bells hung up on a tree
Just shows what little kindness Fate has to offer we,
Who push on to live no matter what our fates may be.
And even lovers are losers when Fate fills them with ecstasy
Only to tear them apart and throw their hearts out to sea.

Her smile’s so beautiful
I think I might love her
We should steal a spaceship together
And fly away forever
Hold my hand, or I’ll be lonely
I don’t wanna be like the Moon
Now I’m filling up with ecstasy
How’d Fate catch me so soon?

Catch the tears of an alien
Before he wipes them clean and puts on his fake smile again
And moves on to the black hole’s mouth to hide himself in suicide.

He travels across islands of shit
Wonders if this is all just a painful acid trip
He prays to survive so he might wake up on December twenty-five.
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