Lately, I've been tuning my schector c-1 classic electric guitar in (low to high) d-g-d-a-d-g. however, I'm having a lot of problems keeping the high g from breaking. the guitar stays in tune, but after maybe a few days it ends up snapping while I play. I was wondering if I should use a different thickness of strings, or modify my guitar a bit to keep this tuning? I'm currently using 9's or 10's.
you should try 11's or 12's. they wont break easy, but theill be tough to get used to.youl build up some strong fingers tough
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Keep the 5th string in A, and the 3rd string in G.
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Where is the string breaking at?

If it's breaking down in your bridge you might have some metal grit in there from previous broken strings, which wear through and break the new ones. Small pipe cleaners are wonderful things in that department. Next time you restring just make sure to clean out the bridge with a pipe cleaner...

Checking for rough frets (wears faster) and/or any bit of dirty tuner or nut wouldn't hurt either. Oh, and if you're using a guitar with a tremolo bridge set up make sure it's sitting down flat on the body of the guitar; variations in tension will destroy strings fast as well.

Not to say that it's any of these things, they're all just stuff I look for when I'm working with my instruments...