I was in the car with my friend coming back from a friends house and this song came on and my friend said it was by Gemini...

I tried to remember some of the lyrics of it... some of them were
"...who sell dro, blo, crack, and weed"} in the chorus
"...cause we got what you need..."} " " " " " " "
I know its not that much of a help and on a guitar site I don't think many people would know. But it was a really cool song and if anyone knows the title, that'd be great. Thanks.
The one that I'm talking to you about has this synth-like thing that matches the guy's voice to the tune of when he says "...who sell dro, blo, crack, and weed."
alright, that song isn't against drugs either just look at the lyrics. Anyways good luck with finding the song.