Poll: Solving your problems?
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I talk it over.
15 25%
Sleep on it, let it simmer overnight for a bit.
23 39%
Make someone else do it for me.
1 2%
Take action immediately.
7 12%
Prayer (or good luck charm, about the same effect, really)
2 3%
2 3%
Find the building that applies and set it on fire.
1 2%
Find a random building and set it on fire.
0 0%
Set a random person on fire.
6 10%
Have a relaxing campfire with your friends.
2 3%
Voters: 59.
Whether emotional, physical, or with employment, relationships, or minor issues, what is your preferred cure-all for taking care of business?
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I have to agree with boot to the head, or throwing plates at peoples faces....
i write
and draw
and play guitar/piano
listen to music
take walks
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I smoke pot, then jam out on guitar. All my problems void when I play guitar. no matter what is going on in my life, And I think i've had the toughest pasts six months EVER.

God damn divorcing parents.....
The UG churches Tabernacle maintenence guy.

I suvived the Bannecide.
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Play guititar, but I very rarley get emotional problems.

If its bad I'll go to the doctors.

I kill small animals and burn down orphanages.

Have great long phone calls to awesome people.

Minor Issues:
Have a cigarette or watch some family guy.

Cure All:

Throw things at the wall.
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Cure All:

Throw things at the wall.

Once I threw my PS2's DVD remote at the wall and my dad keeps asking me why there is a rectangular hole in the wall...
Throw things in random directions and/or punch things and/or shout at people for no reason and/or kick people and things and/or light a ciggarette whilst taking a walk somewhere.
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I actually smash my ps2 pads when im pissed. I cant help it, I just do it in a fit of rage. I must hagve gone through at least 10 ps2 pads and 2 ps2s. Smashing them up to little pieces is so satisfying.
as for the poll, none apply. oh and I listen to music and wank.
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How do I quote someone in my sig? If you look at mine, you'll see that I've failed

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I masturbate.

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i usually read, or listen to music.

unless its something really serious, that usually takes care of it.

This solves all my problems

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