It happens all the time, and everyone I've ever known who has heard it is terribly shocked the first time they do.
heh that happened to my church PA system
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You can hear a Korean radio station on the end of Sleep Now In The Fire by Rage, Morello's amp picked it up during recording.
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Man that's badass.

It happened to me a couple days ago, It scared the shit out of me for a second.
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yeah it used to happen when we where in our old jam shack.........It was a warehouse in the industrial side of town. When My amp would be around eight and My wah pedal would be turned on....I would pick up radio stations.

Our other former guitars had the problem more frequently, But his amp said fenderFM on it.

Ever listen to guerilla radio by RATM??

at the end of the song Tom Morellos amp picks up a korean radio station.

EDIT: ahhh someone beat me to it.....but yeah its was sleep now in the fire....wrong song.

BEARDEDEDIT:I play in a rage cover band and for some reason I couldn't I said guerilla radio.
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i went to this show one time and the guitar player's amp was picking up a radio station. it was quite funny, he didnt know what to do
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I picked up police radio on a pa system once.
Listened to a chase for a couple of minutes
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Has this ever happened to you?

I guess it'd be cool, but it was a ****ty talk show thing.

It's not cool. It made Nig storm offstage during Sex Farm.
happened to me while i was using my wah, when i moved the pedal up or down the signal became stronger or weaker was pretty cool
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happened to me and all the other guitarists during a gig once, between every song there was some guy talking and no-one in the audience knew what it was
I've had my Ex's voice come through from my cellphone to my friend's MG Halfstack...

Actually, I've had my own voice travel through my pickups and come through my amp. I think it has something to do with the strings picking up the vibrations of my voice and the pickups responding to that.
I get espn radio on mine
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My amp and computer speakers freak out for a moment when my cell gets a call.

I also picked up a radio station on my speakers a year ago and spent half a day trying to figure out where the "voices" were coming from. It was too quiet to pick out words but you could tell someone was speaking, so it was freaking me the **** out.
Quote by Megalomaniac16
Has this ever happened to you?

I guess it'd be cool, but it was a ****ty talk show thing.

search feature would tell you that its happened a lot on amps and wah pedals...
yeah that has happened about twice to me, and sometimes if i point the antenna thing on my phone i can pick up other people's conversations.
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yea, i did it once. it scared the living crap out of me though, because i though it was aliens.
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Yes. It was kind of weird... I thought there were people in my house
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Sorry friend but you won´t get a lot of money for that amp. Most people have that problem.

yea the problem is your cables aren't protected by some thing.
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Does anyone know how to actually do it or is it just an accidental thing?

I did it by standing outside and plugging the cable about 3/4's the way into my bass.
If you've got a lead long enough and you're in a location with a good radio reception, the unbalanced configuration of your guitar lead will act as a radio antenna and will pick up the radio signal which you can sometime hear though the amp....

I'm a half descent sound-engineer, so i know how the **** works... sorta!
I managed to get French radio on my multi-track recorder once. It scared the hell outta me, mainly because i thought they could hear me recording my dirty film script.
ive picked it up with my amp and once i was watching my buddies band play and it picked up some spanish station in the middle of the show... the singer was saying the name of the next song and you could hear spanish in the backround!
One time during band practice a while ago when I was in a band, my amp picked up a station specifically Latino Radio and practice was interrupted because we all love to salsa dance.