If I buy some random strat body, don't I have to know how far the bridge hole is from the neck pocket so that I know what kind of neck to get?


If I buy a body that used to have a 21-fret neck on it, any replacement neck has to be 21 frets, right?
Because if I bought a 24-fret neck for it, the scale length would be too long, correct?

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you can get both 21 fret, 22 fret and 24 fret necks on the same scale length
the extra frets are achieved by a bit of overhang on the fretboard

you should be able to easily replace a 21 fret Fender neck with a 22 fret neck

and 24 fret necks work on the same principle, but the overhang is really big so:
a) it already interfere with the neckpickup
b) on a strat body its pretty useless, the cutaway isn't big enough. Thats why you have the Soloist type bodies with the enhanced cutaway