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I think its a little overrated. Yeah, its good, it has the tab for all guitars and bass, but you can do the same thing with Power Tabs. Power Tabs are free unlike guitar pro.
ok i just dont want something unnessacery <---(wrong spelling) on my comp.
it's great to have, you won't believe it, but it helpt me to play better and more timed, you can let 1 instrument play alone very easy, and if you don't want to pay for it, torrent it, I didn't do that, but it's possible, and the RSE rules!
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Yes. But don't talk about torrenting it, we don't endorse illegal behavior here.
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Cheap amps are "that bad". They suck up your tone like cocaine at Kate Moss' party.

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Yeah, its very easy to get GP free, so there really isn't a reason not to do it. (unless your hardrive is full or your computer is not compatible.. in which case, nevermind)
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RSE is amazing. It makes your midi files come to life, and emulates real instrument sounds.
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