Ok, so after much toying around with various high gain/mid gain amp, and medium output/high output pickup combinations, I've finally decided that the high output pickups and a boosted amp is right for me (at least for my distortion anyway). While they can be a bit muddy for clean and mid gain tones, it does the metal tone I want just find and dandy.

Anyways! I have a few quick pickup related questions. The first one is about my Jackson DK2M Dinky and the pickups in it. It came stock with a Duncan JB/Jazz combo. While for the most part, I love the JB in the bridge, I find the Jazz just doesn't have enough output for me for those shreddy neck pickup leads (though the clean tone = ). I was thinking about going all out and throwing in a new set. I need a neck pickup with more output, and a bridge pickup with a bit more low end would be a plus.

The other question is about my explorer. It used to be stock, but I found the neck pickup to be too muddy sounding, and ended up swapping in a DiMarzio PAF Pro/X2N combo. I ended up trying a breed in the bridge, and then putting the 500T back in, but it still doesn't sound the way it used to. It's brighter and harsher sounding than I remember it. My question is do, and how much does the tone from each pickup mix with eachother? If this is the case, the PAF Pro may have to go bye-bye, even though it does kick ass at what it does.

My last question, is if I decide to do some pickup work on my guitars again, should I stay passive? or go EMG? I'm open to pretty much any suggestions (except Bareknuckle, too expensive!)The amp I'm using is a Peavey Windsor through a custom built 2x12. I also use a Bad Monkey OD pedal to boost it.
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Just make sure you wired up your Explorer right! A friend of mine replaced his Kirk Hammett Signature ESP LTD and had set them up as single coils giving them horribly harsh tone. He rewired them and they sound right now. If I were you I would go with Evolution pickups, and put in a 5 way switcher so you can have the single coil taps when you need that nice clean headroom. I prefer Evolution pickups because I love Vai's tone. You could also replace your tone pots to a different range.