im getting a petal and i was wondering if i should get a wah or a distortion petal
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Well, what's your gear, your budget, your style, etc.
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Quote by fps0alan
distortion unless you really want to play those Jimi Hendrix kind of tunes

yeah cause hendrix is the only guitarist that uses wah.

make the decision yourself based on how much you need it. a lot of distortion pedals suck, depending on your amp. good overdriven sounds come from the amp itself, not a pedal.
How long have you been playing? Don't mess with pedals unless you've been playing for a while. I know a lot of kids who have 4+ pedals and play like crap. When theres one kid I know who justs uses overdrive and plays like a god. The kids with pedals hide behind them and brag about thier pedals to cover up their lack of skill. Actual conversation
Me: Yea, but can you play it all the way through.
Kid: No, but it sounds awsome with my delay and wah pedal.
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