Right, I'm on the lookout for a new guitar, and want to spend around about £300, so basically its come down to a toss up between these two:




The Yamaha Pacifica 612:


My local guitar shop has got both of these in stock, and I'm going to go down there and try both out, but I'd like to know the opinion of other UGers who may have firsthand esperince with either of these, or a better understanding than I do, (which is quite probable.)

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What kind of music do you play? The PRS is a great guitar, btw. You wouldn't be disappointed.
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I play a lot of Alt rock such as the pixies, modest mouse, muse etc and the occasional bit of metal.
Don't you know there ain't no Devil, it's just God when He's drunk.
Those are both good guitars, I'd say the SE edges it.

Also look at Ibanez SZ520, really versatile guitars with a great sound. They're HH though, rather than HSS.

EDIT: After reading your response I'll say you should definitely check the Ibanez out.
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I'd probably go for the Yamaha, because I have good experience with Yamaha guitars. I've played some PRS SE series and found them kinda average.