okey doke, here is a poem

it's the most amazing thing
walking out of an air conditioned box
and into the middle of a summer storm
the tension between the warm air
and the cold rain falling onto your skin

it reminds me of the conflict in your walk
that "help me, i'm so hurt, i need you"
and the "i'm adult enough to do it on my own,
so just get the fuck away from me"
god, the push and pull is beautiful...
Ooh, clever metaphors there. I like the way you worded it.

There's only one girl in the world for you
and she probably lives in Tahiti.
i have to say i liked that. i thought it was interesting that you called it beautiful at the end, that kind of put a bit of a differant spin on it because they obvious assumption before that line would be that you were annoyed with thhis person.
anyways, i hate to say thi because i usually hate this but i think a bit of puncuation could have helped in a few parts, but either way, very good poem