Hey uh I had an indonesian Squire Strat. and I sent it to a custom shop guy in LA, Eric Chaz. and anyways, He repainted the guitar and put in some emg pick-ups. it's sick.

and i love the guitar... but my neck is still that old squir neck. and keep in mind this wasn't a really bad like $99 guitar it was like 400 to begin with. not much but either way, i've been playing on 10 gauge strings but just recently i changed to 11 gauge. and first it started pulling on the bridge. i ended up taking it to a shop because the low e and a strings buzzed like crazy, and the neck was totally bend. the guys there said that when fender necks "aren't made well" idk some crap, but they bend easier. when the strings aren't buzzing it's in tune lower in the neck and higher it's totally out. and the actions bloody high. so it's extremely uncomfortable to play on... please give me advise on what i should do OTHER than buying a new guitar of course. i'm looking for necks but fender necks are damn expensive.
take it to another store and ask them if they can do what do want to be done
Sounds like you need to adjust the truss-rod, intonation and action. Get those things fixed and it sounds like you'd be playing fine. Any music shop can do that for you.
1st fix ur truss rod 2nd intonation. 3rd lower action and if you are to dumb to know how to do those you shouldnt be playing a squier you sent to a custom shop. god dangit im beat to it again