it's a bp 250 and it is made for bass but works good for guitar
there is one small problem one of the pedals fell off but still works fine if you place it where it's supposed to be
it has a bunch of effects delay, chorus, flange, phase, envelope, reverb and some others
also has stompbox and amp models
it was 150 when it was new (which does work fine and is not really noticeable unless you pull it out)
i'd say a negotiable $80-90ish plus shipping however trades also considered and the price is very negotiable just send me an offer
if you want a picture i'll put it up as soon as my camera starts working
for more info on the digitech bp 250 go to http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/DigiTech-BP200-Bass-Modeling-Processor?sku=150162

EDIT it's actually called the digitech bp 200 sorry about that
i'd also like to add my 1960's supro acoustic is for sale
ask for details
negotiable price of $300 trades also considered