Hey i havent posted a clip in a long time....i used to have a diff screen name i think. Anyways, Here is a orginal song i made up today. I think it came out pretty good. Please let me know what you think.

The equip i am using is :

Ibanez S1625tks - ISP decimator - ENGL Powerball - Dual mic SM57 / AT2020 - Presonus firebox - Cubase LE

I would like to get your opinions on the tone and playing....also the overall song. Its the top one called .............poiuytrewq (i dont have aname for it yet)


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Wow I like this a lot. It's very catchy. Your lead tone is great, I like it a lot. As well as the rhythm tone. The ENGL Powerball is a great amp. The song itself is great.

As for the production, the whole mix seems to be a little empty. Did you add bass guitar to it? I definitely suggest that if you didn't. Also, do you double track your guitars? How do you pan them? I think with some changes regarding that the mix could sound really great, the guitar tone is quite good.

What are you using for drums? They sound pretty good, except the bass drum I think. It needs to be louder in the mix, and I think it needs more high end. It needs a little bit of the clicky sound to cut through the mix without overpowering.

Overall, the song is very good, definitely. I think if you worked out some of the production it would be amazing. Great job!

Also, how is the Firebox? I've been thinking about getting a Firepod so I could record real drums instead of programmed ones. Does Presonus make quality stuff?
I use somthing called drumsite for drums.

When i record i have 2 tracks to the left and 2 tracks to the right....and when theres a lead i have 1 more on each side. There is no bass guitar as i dont have a bass.

I like presonus i think they have good preamps.....very clear.
How much do you pan each one left and right. I also use two on each side. What I do is pan one 100 and one 50 to each side. That way it will take up more room in the stereo field, and sound fuller. If you didn't do that already maybe you could try it? Also, if you could get a hold of a bass somehow, it will make wonders to recordings. It really adds that depth. But once again, great job. The song itself is probably one of my favorites from other people on the internet.
disregarding the lack of bass tones and the artificial drumming which is negligible, that was a great track, keep up the good work man!

That is pretty worthful. The riffs a rather catchy, and the solo sounds well. But I think you should work on the drums - they sound a little annoying in some very short places, but that could be just me.
The mood seems to present throughout the whole song, and the break just accents it.
Nice job indeed

Regards, Ash.
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I like this a heck of a lot. Really solid song. Needs some bass and your laughing. The tone is outstanding. What tuning are you using?
Wow you have some nice riffs here. The lead instrumentation is very well written and executed. It fits with the rhytm and also is catchy hence the "melodic" part of this metal song.

The best way you can improve this song is to reconsider your mixing.
You might want to change the tone of the rhytm i feel its a little too much high end. This can also be because of the natural reverb, it causes it to be slightly muddy instead of crisp. You can add more lower end distortion which will make it chunky. The lead guitar tone is not bad.

Like said before the song sounds a bit empty, but this can be fixed if you add some more lower end in the song. Let the bass drum come in more and if possible try to record a bass line for it. (lol use midi bass and fruityloops if you have to cmon)

Good song and sexy guitar work bro. Keep it up.
Mind returning the favor and criting my song?
Thanks in advance:

nice AE cover
and poiuytrewq was pretty cool too
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I love guitar's sound quality.... Bass is unexistant and drums are fake-sounding and not loud enough!

As for the song itself, it's very good but I imagine it more being played by a Trivium-like band (or Trivium themselves loll) than a Melodic Metal.... though lyrics/singing could change my opinion over the genre for sure...

Overall, I like it much... good job!
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Hey this is pretty cool. Is there any bass? Drums don't sound too great, the sound of them, not what they're playing. I really like the riffs you got here. Everything just needs to better mixed. Everything just needs to be livelied up, if that makes any sense. It just sounds kinda faded. Cool song, just needs a better mixing job. Keep up the great work!

Crit my song?
very well done. need bass tho, interested in let me try to add a bass track?
Also, at the end if you can shorten the feedback like fade it out it will be perfect
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Man this is an awesome song. I would believe it if you told me it was an In Flames B-side if it had bass and real drums. The guitar is pretty ****in sweet. You got the harmonized guitars down to a T. Can't really say anything bad about the guitars. If this was a complete song with vocals, bass, and guitar, it would be very very awesome.

Can you listen to mine please?
Your tone is fantastic, very tight indeed. The harmony guitars are nicely done too. A bass would make it even better as said before, and some suitably epic vocals. Please do finish it, and post it when you're done!

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