while i was surfing the internet for a 'new toaster', I found a user testimonial stating that he was skeptical of this sight, and was amazed to find a BRAND NEW XBOX at his door... anyway It's done by refering friends to the site, and they refere friends to the site - generating revenue or something...

It looks legit, what do you guys think?

site is http://www.yourfreeiphone.com/

- cheers
People still fall for this crap?
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You calling your parents assholes because they wouldn't buy you a phone with a camera? Maybe you deserve to have picks on your nips.
Guess what:

Nokia have sucked donkey dick since colour screens were invented, and kids stopped drooling over 3310s and their click on covers.

Sony Erriccson FTW. K810i kicks every other phone to the curb.
Stephen Colbert got a free iPhone. All he had to do was beg Apple for a few episodes. If only I was as powerful as Colbert, maybe I could get a free iPhone...
ya my friends got ipods a while back, but you do have to pay a bit, or make other people pay which sucks.
It's not exactly "free": http://www.yourfreeiphone.com/terms.php

I was to lazy to read the whole thing but you need a certain number of "points" or "referrals" to get your "free" gift. You have to sign-up for subscriptions and get products and what not to get those "points" or "referrals".

EDIT: and the iPhone is a useless toy according to most of the Intel employees I've talked to, and who designed/made the chips in the iPhone...

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The people that use your referral code have to activate their account by buying something or whatever.
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