in general, what is tone? and not just for guitar, for any wind instruments too (saxaphone, trombone, etc). I always thought it was how you play a song (dynamics, staccatos, lagato, etc) but i dont think thats right...
When you hear someone say "I love the tone of that guitar." They're just referring to how it sounds.
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When you hear someone say "I love the tone of that guitar." They're just referring to how it sounds.
Um... "how it sounds" can refer to a lot of different things. The mood it sets. The clarity / quality. How easily memorable (catchy) it is etc.

Tone, as someone else already pointed out, is essentially a synonym for "timbre" which describes what makes each instrument unique. For example, you can play the exact same note in the same octave on a piano and on a guitar but you will still know, simply by how it sounds, that one is a piano and the other is a guitar. That's what "timbre" is all about.

Within the same instrument, like a guitar, each has it's own timbre still. And guitarists, when referring to the timbre of different guitars, call that "tone".
tone is how things sound.
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tone is the quality of sound. it is basically the difference between a squire strat and a jackson kv2. naturally, the jackson will have a better tone. it has a lot to do with the wood, pickups, strings, nect, etc.
i think of tone as how it sounds, but technically pitch also affects how it sounds......

quality of sound, maybe?

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Hmmm, I just think of it as how the guitar sounds, like they're are many unique sounds that different guitarists use, like if you campare two different guitarists you'll notice that the guitars don't sound the same

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