I'm renting one tommorrow to take my drivers test Saturday. I about passed out from heat exhaustion trying to fix the trans in the car that I was SUPPOSED to take my test in (5 speed MK2 Jetta). I have to wait on new seals for the trans, so I have ZERO cars that are running perfectly enough for the inspection when you first take your test.

What are they like? Are they a pain to drive, or cool cruissers? The look bloody homosexual to tell you the truth. Will enterprise or anyone set you up with a manual tran instead of an automatic? I feel more comfertable with a clutch.
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ask for a stick shift. they'll usually get you one.
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Just do it in an auto then you will pass for sure! I hate driving automatics but I took mine in one.

but now its manual trans fo life. *looks at sig* I think its alot more fun too drive.
i donno but that's what they use for driver's ed around here, so they must be good for that.
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