My Epiphone SG Elitis plays really well. I set it up so that it sounds and plays great. I want to get new pickups for it so i would like to hear what other would like to say about it.
I'd get duncans, an Alnico II for the bridge, and maybe a jazz for the neck.
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well what genre do you want to play? that would be useful to know so people could help you out more
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You can go to www.guitarfetish.com to get a set of really great pickups for not much at all. They are called GFS pickups and are really good quality. My guess is that you are looking for a PAF style pickup, which would most likely help you get that Zeppelin tone. They sell a pickup called the Fat Paf alnico pickup, which is probably in the lines of what you're looking for. You can get the pickups covered, open-coil, or zebra, and theyre really cool. Hope that helps
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