I jumped off the bridge and swam to the shipwreck
Upon arrival I turned to the beatles
For some reason I played the left handed banjo
Somehow a riot erupted and I jumped aboard the pirate ship
Drugs took its toll on my beatles and we fought forever
I took my ship to Disney land to have some fun

Everything seemed so real
In the dream I had
Everything seemed so real
In the dream I had

They wouldn’t let me ride the rides
And I turned into a wino
Alls there was to do was play my banjo
Somehow I drank my way back to the wrecked ship
John had killed Yoko and we vowed to be forever
We decided to swim back to the bridge

We used our super powers to get on the bridge
Then it was in the future
I was back into my own self no more banjo
Somehow I was 3000 years in the future
The world then disappeared forever
Now the world was gone and I woke up