i was playing around with my friends line six spider.
i really enjoyed how it has preset settings for a bunch of songs and bands and i was wondering if there is a website where i could go and get the settings for various songs artists so i could get the tones on my marshall mg 30.

thanx in advance
not that i know of for the MG...

*commence flaming*

my advice? run...
or buy a new amp like a valvetronix.
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oh no.

get ready for flames.

mgs and spiders in one thread...
this could be hell
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before it gets too ugly here.. here's a link to some artists' setting

good luck dude
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Am I the only one who thinks it's kinda funny how the first few posts all reference the TS being flamed, yet no flaming has actually taken place yet?
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Date idea?
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Gah, stupid flaming and such, MG's and spiders were designed for people like this, those who want alot of different tones out of a cheap amp. No need for people to freak about tone at this point.

Check the settings thread like the other guy posted.
Honestly, I don't know if you could ever get any tones like your favorite artists from an MG, or at least not very good ones. I would save for a better amp, but thats just me.

^What that guy said...check that link. It might help. Also, you might see about investing in some effects pedals and the like...that would help you get some tones, I'm sure.