Hey I played through this combo today and I thought the tone was great-warm and buttery. So do you think a half-stack version of this would suit my needs for gigging? My amp is usually mic'd up, but just in case. Anyone have any experiences with this amp?

you dont need a halfstack. you can get lower wattage and get effects, or just save your money for that matter.
yeah, from what ive heard its a great amp. ive played it once, but i had some douche draining me out at GC.
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That amp is amazing man...i had to leave it at a music school this week and I've been missing it every time I get home from the school. Great for recording too, a pro engineer told me he really liked my tone and it was just an MIM Strat through the V16 Palomino. For the price, you wont find anything like it
The halfstack (really a quarterstack) version is still 30W. Just get the 2x12 combo, and you'll be more than covered for gigs.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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The 50 watt combo would be plenty for gigging, more than youd need really. The 30 watt head with a nice cab and good speakers would be my personal choice.
I might be the first to say this, but if you can go halfstack(with a good amp is implied) then do it. It leaves a great amount of room for upgrading and customization later, and the sell back value will be greater. And I don't want to into another discussion about this, but I find a head/cab more portable than a combo.
Honestly, do you really need a half stack? I'm guessing that the 2x12 combo will have a line out so that you can attach it to a cab, if you ever feel the need...I say just get a combo. Nice amp though.