my dads friend gave it to me as he was getting a new one. it has an AMAZING clean sound. way better than my marshall. anyone know how old this is? and how old it would have costed? ANY info would do! thanks in advance.

holy..... i almost bought one of those a few weeks ago. but i settled on a windsor halfstack instead.
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great clean channel isn't it? not too keen on the distortion, but i have my pedals
That is an older model of the amp that the steel guitarist uses at the studio I play at. If I'm not mistaken, that line of amps really were appealing to steel guitarists and many used them, so I'd think they'd have great cleans. I may be wrong on this, this is kind of taking a stab into the dark, but it may be Peavey's answer to the Roland Jazz Chorus, I'm not really sure though.
hm, looks like peavey's rendition of the jazz chorus. sounds appealing.

edit: what're the chances...
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