Just got guitar pro and this is my first song using it (now I won't get any more comments like 'pretty good, for a powertab user'). I can't take total credit as the intro riff was written by my guitarist, but I made some changes to it. The rest of the stuff is all by me and I arranged it. It kind of changes around with style, there's a little bit of pantera, a little bit of metallica and a bit of iron maiden, so it's just metal for now. It seems a little short to me, but where it is seems like a very good ending point to me. Crit for crit and all that jazz.
new song.zip
Cool intro, though the aahs were a little too loud. Cool riffs so far, but you really have to turn down the choir aahs. I like the riff after the second chorus. The acoustic part was really nice but the timing was a little wierd. The lead over it added a lot to it too. Ahhh nice iron maiden part after that hahah. Wait what happened? It ended wayyyy too abruptly. I was expecting like an awesome guitar solo after that but it just died...definitely add something to it.

Overall, good job!
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I really loved this song
the only complaint I had was that the Aahs were just kind of annoying
It was a cool melody and would be cool to have a guitar play it or something, but I think if it was meant to be sung it would seem all over the place and really hard to sing.
What would they be if this song was done live?
I liked the acoustic part! The riffs a bit. And the bassist has good parts (that's just a must for not having bad music)